Wire Rope Supply
Wire Rope Supply

Oilfield Solutions is the largest Nigerian suppliers of wire rope. We have focused on providing high quality wire ropes for onshore and offshore applications. Our dedicated sales team are on hand to offer bespoke solutions for a wide variety of applications and can provide full product advice along with guidance on the most suitable materials for any application.

We are proud to offer an extensive product range of wire ropes and fittings for a variety of industries including: Construction, Marine and drilling.
Our product range includes:
• Galvanized Wire Ropes in 6 X 19, 6 X 25 and 6 X 36 construction and non-rotating.
• Crane ropes from the world’s leading brands such as: Casar, Teufelberger, and Python.
• AISI 316 stainless steel wire ropes for Architectural, Yacht Rigging



Crane Wire Rope


Galvanized Wire Ropes in 6 X 19, 6 X 25 and 6 X 36