Beam trolley

Beam Trolley

OSL offer a premium range of British manufactured Beam Trolleys. This range of Beam Trolleys is designed and manufactured in conformity to industry codes and standards and distributed here in Nigeria for decades with an emphasis on quality and durability.

We offer the standard range of uniquely designed trolleys that can be modified to suit clients’ specific requirements and are often the primary choice for the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

We offer quite an extensive range of capacities, from 500kg to 10,000kg but can also supply heavy-duty push and geared travel trolleys up to 50,000kgs on request.

Our technical partnership with global manufacturers and distributors allows us to offer bespoke units for use in potentially explosive environments or highly corrosive marine environments, ensuring our customers have a good choice in the functionality of design, quality, price, and availability. All our beam trolleys come with individual certificates and the EC Declaration of Conformity.

Beam Trolleys

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