Flat Webbing Slings

At OSL we prefer to supply only the highest-grade material, 100% high tenacity polyester web slings in simplex, duplex or endless, with reinforced eyes and wear sleeves as in our opinion they are offer better strength and durability in service. Our webbing slings conform to EN 1492:1 and EN 1492:2 standards, respectively and from a manufacturing source that offers full material traceability as part of its technical documentation

We have in stock a wide range of capacities from 1 Tonne – 30Tonne in a variety of lengths but we can supply bespoke polyester lifting slings to meet our customers specific requirements in short lead times up to 100 Tonne working load limit (WLL).

Our webbing slings are color-coded in accordance with the British Standard which aids easy recognition of the W.L.L. of the sling and supplied with individual certification, EC Declaration of Conformity including user manuals.

Lifting Capacity Chart

Capacity by Colors

Flat Webbing Slings

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