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3 Differences Between The Lever Hoist And The Chain Block.

The lever hoist and chain block are important lifting appliances used in various industries. They are used to lift, suspend and lower heavy loads from one location to another by making use of a chain and they are both operated manually, portable, and easy to maintain.

Lever hoist and chain blocks are made from either single or double fall chain configurations therefore, you’re able to find the ideal configuration for your load weight.

What is a Lever hoist?

Lever Hoist is a piece of high-quality equipment used to lift and lower heavy loads.  Lever Hoists can lift items in most positions by cranking the lever/handle forwards and backwards including horizontally. It is used for various applications like;

  • Installation of-fence
  • It is used in conjunction with slings to level loads when lifting
  • Pulling pipes
  • Stretching wires
  • Straightening poles
  • Pulling tree stumps off the ground Etc.
  • During rigging operations

One unique advantage of a lever hoist is that you can lift a load in any direction, unlike the conventional chain block used to lift a load in a vertical direction.

What is a Chain Block?

This is a mechanical device used to lift and lower heavy loads, objects and equipment. Chain block moves a load by pulling the hand chain. It is widely used in industries such as production, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, building, electric power, etc. Typical uses are to

  • Easily remove engines from cars in automotive garages
  • Install and remove valves in the oil & gas sector
  • Lift pumps, generators, or other heavy equipment in water treatment facilities
  • Lift loads from the higher levels on construction sites
  • Lift and hold beams and pipes in place for welding or bolting operations Etc.

Differences between lever hoist and chain blocks

Though these lifting appliances have similar functions of lifting and lowering heavy loads and look almost the same, they are operated differently.

Here are 3 differences between lever hoist and chain blocks;

  1. Chain blocks are used to lift and lower heavy loads vertically, while lever hoist is used both vertically and horizontally i.e. multi-directional movement.
  2. The lever hoist is operated using one hand by cranking the lever/ handle forward or backwards. Chain blocks are operated using a hand chain.
  3. Chain blocks give you the ability to lift very large loads up to 50,000 kg with ease by using mechanical advantage. Its working load limit (WLL) is greater than that of the lever hoist which lifts a load up to 10,000 kg

Lever hoist and chain blocks are excellent devices to have that make lifting or pulling heavy loads easier. They are standard tools used to turn big jobs into manageable ones and are a great investment for doing heavy-duty lifting.

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