Coating and Corrosion Engineering

Protect your assets from corrosion with OSL’s Subject Matter Experts
At OSL, we understand that corrosion is an important factor that impacts operations and has become more significant given the dependence on ageing equipment beyond their design life.

Cost of corrosion in the oil and gas production and refining industry exceeds billions of dollars, preventing and managing corrosion is vital in helping our clients mitigate damage, prevent failures and to maintaining the integrity of asset during operations.

Due to our multi-discipline team of material and corrosion engineers, we can provide expertise for the upstream and downstream oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, identifying, analyzing, and quantifying damage mechanisms for new and aging assets.

What we offer

By selecting effective corrosion-resistant coating and material upgrades, chemical treatment or thorough inspection, process changes or efficient monitoring of equipment, we can help you prevent and control corrosion. Our engineering experience and knowledge helps you prioritize inspection on areas that are safety-critical and, in conjunction with our asset
management software tool can help reduce the risk of failure. OSL’s coating and corrosion engineers have supported inspection projects producing tangible results for clients in:
Reducing risk from accurately assessing damage mechanisms
  • Re-prioritisation of inspection costs based on risk
  • Developing and implementing a Risk-Base Inspection Scheme offshore
  • Reduce inspection costs and turnaround time
  • Meeting regulatory requirement necessary for plant and asset operation
We make it our goal to help you improve your assets’ reliability, availability, and integrity.

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Why Choose Us

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    Quality Management System

    Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and stakeholders in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 is the core responsibility of every one of us at Oilfield Solutions. This has in turn guaranteed us repeat businesses while growing more customers through referrals.

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    Management Support

    At Oilfield Solutions, we understand the importance of empowering our employees to achieving great success on projects. We accomplish this initiative through management support.

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    COREN License

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    Transparent Billing

    Oilfield Solutions offer prices that are transparent and competitive. No hidden charges!

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    HSE Records

    Oilfield Solutions maintains a proactive HSE Management System with Behavioural Based Safety Culture, evidenced by our impressive HSE KPI.

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    Regulatory Compliant

    Working with Oilfield Solutions keeps you at peace from project stoppage due to non-regulatory compliance by companies in your value chain. We maintain our licenses validity, and relationships with the Industry Regulators.

Coating and Corrosion Engineering