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In today’s evolving economy; lifting operations are done in every sector of the economy not just in the oil and gas sector. In several industries, the transportation and movement of load from one place to another safely require lifting operations. Successful lifting operations are directly connected to the quality of lifting gears and equipment; they make a significant impact on safety with zero compromises on the quality and efficiency of the operations.  


Oilfield Solutions Limited is committed to providing value and quality, we fabricate and deliver lifting gears, EPC and solids control services; that not only meet but exceed industry expectations. Our dedication to innovation and precision drives our team of experts as they use superior technology in fabrication to produce A-class lifting slings and gears for clients in multiple fields. 

oilfield solutions solids control team
At the heart of what we do is a highly skilled and experienced solids control field service team and management group.

At Oilfield Solutions, we pride ourselves on being the leading lifting gear supplier in Nigeria and across West Africa. Here are 4 reasons why Oilfield Solutions Limited is the preferred Lifting gear supplier in Nigeria:  


1. We have over 18 years of experience providing the best services and lifting gears in the oil and gas industry, maritime and shipping, construction, agricultural sector, etc. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the oil and gas industry for our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive portfolio of successful projects and long-term client relationships is a testament to our reliability and excellence.  We cater to a large and growing list of satisfied clients in Nigeria, across West Africa and Uganda.  


2. We are committed to innovation, reliability and durability. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technologies that improve the fabrication and solutions that improve productivity, reduce downtime, and match customers’ exact requests. Our lifting gears are durable and reliable ensuring a long service life, improved performance, reducing maintenance and the risk of workplace accidents. 

3. Oilfield Solutions Limited offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We provide high-quality lifting gear sold at affordable prices; delivering excellent value to our clients at fair rates. 


4. We have an extensive product range variety of lifting gears and products, ranging from slings, hoists, shackles, webbing slings, bulldog grips, etc. All products are responsibly sourced from the best-graded products with certificates of conformity. Our warehouses are fully stocked and equipped to meet the growing demands and lifting operations of the lifting industry.  


Are you looking to purchase quality lifting gears? 

Oilfield Solutions Limited provides a wide range of lifting gears with superior quality guaranteeing you your money’s worth. We deliver solutions for all lifting and hoisting operations in construction, manufacturing, drilling, rigging, oil and gas. Our lifting gears are certified, tested, trusted and guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Contact us today at 08076291657 or email to place an order. 



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