Safety and Loss Prevention engineering in Nigeria

Safety and Loss Prevention

Safety and Loss Prevention: Effective Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Prevents Loss.

Our experience in providing both Hazard identification workshops (HAZOP, HAZID) and Hazard Analysis (HA) to identify process deviations and external events that may weaken plant safety or operation has been serving a diverse range of our clients nationally and internationally for decades.

At OSL, our safety and loss prevention engineers aim to ensure the required engineering and operational measures are taken to prevent or mitigate loss prevention in the oil & gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries by identifying and assessing accidents and process safety issues.

Collaboration with our clients involves a broad range of services including (but not limited to):

  • Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) to assess any possible risk to population and personnel deriving from accidents that may originate in the plant
  • Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis (FERA) to evaluate the need and characteristics of fire protection and blast protection measures for equipment and buildings
  • Dropped Object Analysis, to assess the risk of load handling impacting safety-critical areas of a facility, asset, or plant.
  • 3D Consequence modelling to identify areas involved in the effects of a possible release of hazardous substances in a complex environment
  • HSE Management of projects and development/audit of HSE management systems
  • Reliability Availability and Maintainability Analysis (RAM), to calculate the predicted performance of the system in terms of expected throughput.
partnering with our technical delivery team, we utilise an advanced software solution that enables us to manage safe and efficient pipeline operations, documenting risks, and monitors regulatory compliance giving the client a clear overview of the integrity of its offshore and onshore pipeline network.

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    Quality Management System

    Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and stakeholders in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 is the core responsibility of every one of us at Oilfield Solutions. This has in turn guaranteed us repeat businesses while growing more customers through referrals.

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    Management Support

    At Oilfield Solutions, we understand the importance of empowering our employees to achieving great success on projects. We accomplish this initiative through management support.

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    COREN License

    As a brand with a long-standing history of compliance with regulatory bodies in the Industry, We are fully licensed by COREN upon exhibiting a proven demonstration of technical expertise. Therefore it is in our mandate never to compromise on quality service delivery to our clients and prospects.

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    Transparent Billing

    Oilfield Solutions offer prices that are transparent and competitive. No hidden charges!

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    HSE Records

    Oilfield Solutions maintains a proactive HSE Management System with Behavioural Based Safety Culture, evidenced by our impressive HSE KPI.

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    Regulatory Compliant

    Working with Oilfield Solutions keeps you at peace from project stoppage due to non-regulatory compliance by companies in your value chain. We maintain our licenses validity, and relationships with the Industry Regulators.

Safety and Loss Prevention

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