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Engineering Services in Nigeria

Engineering Services

Oilfield Solutions has grown to be one of the Nigerian leading engineering services and solutions-based independent consultancy companies operating in the oil and gas, marine, and construction industries today.

Starting out as the number one accredited lifting equipment supplier in the country, we have achieved unrivalled success culminating in our diversification into a new market offering a differentiated engineering service that supports projects throughout the project life cycle.

Our experienced team of engineers is knowledgeable in project planning, front-end engineering, and design (FEED), execution, and operations in industrial construction and energy sectors enabling us to deliver the right technical solution to ensure continuity and integrity in the assets life.

This broad range of expertise obtained from our disciplined engineers, specialist, and subject-matter experts ensures our ability to provide multi-disciplinary expertise and scalable processes required to perform large engineering projects across the entire life of any asset from conceptual study to decommissioning.

We place a persistent emphasis on ensuring safety in design and providing commercial precision to ensure our technology solutions are adequate and fit for purpose.

Our Engineering Discipline

Typical engineering contracts performed by Oilfield Solutions include the following:


Pipeline Engineering

We allocate the best team for any given subsea project.


Structural Engineering

Our team combines an in-depth understanding of the critical aspects of design, construction, and manufacturing process.


Petroleum Engineering

We offer a broad range of petroleum engineering services both upstream and downstream sectors.


Welding and Materials Engineering

Our welding engineers have supported fabrication processes and welding engineering activities in a wide range of industrial sectors.


Piping & Mechanical Engineering

Our in-house engineering team possess specialist skills with a wealth of experience from different industries.


Coating and Corrosion Engineering

Due to our multi-discipline team of material and corrosion engineers, we can provide expertise for the upstream and downstream oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Safety and Loss Prevention engineering in Nigeria

Safety and Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention engineers aim to ensure the required engineering and operational measures are taken to prevent or mitigate loss.


Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers deliver complete services to our clients across the energy, marine, power, construction and built environment sectors.

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Our Control and Instrumentation (C&I) engineers focus on managing critical equipment used to monitor and control machinery in a variety of industries.

Why Choose Us

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    Quality Management System

    Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and stakeholders in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 is the core responsibility of every one of us at Oilfield Solutions. This has in turn guaranteed us repeat businesses while growing more customers through referrals.

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    Management Support

    At Oilfield Solutions, we understand the importance of empowering our employees to achieving great success on projects. We accomplish this initiative through management support.

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    COREN License

    As a brand with a long-standing history of compliance with regulatory bodies in the Industry, We are fully licensed by COREN upon exhibiting a proven demonstration of technical expertise. Therefore it is in our mandate never to compromise on quality service delivery to our clients and prospects.

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    Transparent Billing

    Oilfield Solutions offer prices that are transparent and competitive. No hidden charges!

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    HSE Records

    Oilfield Solutions maintains a proactive HSE Management System with Behavioural Based Safety Culture, evidenced by our impressive HSE KPI.

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    Regulatory Compliant

    Working with Oilfield Solutions keeps you at peace from project stoppage due to non-regulatory compliance by companies in your value chain. We maintain our licenses validity, and relationships with the Industry Regulators.

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Engineering Services

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